Yet in between takes, [Gleeson] cracks up Turner with an invented song. “He was rapping about Winnie the Pooh,” she explains. “His rap was called ‘Got Monies and Honies.’” The director then reminds them to stand far enough apart so audiences will think they hate each other. “I don’t think he gets enough credit for what he does,” Turner adds. “Jack is such an insane actor and he’s able to change like that. He’s a scary kid.” [x]

I think that Sansa has nobody that she can trust in King’s Landing and so the audience wouldn’t necessarily see her scheming because there’s nobody to do it with. This doesn’t mean that Sansa isn’t planning anything in her head. If she is doing any type of scheming, it will all be internal because Sansa knows, more than anyone, that you can’t trust anyone in the world of GoT and the only way to have the utmost power is to not let on to anyone what you’re about and what you’re planning on doing next. She has most certainly learned tricks and how the politics of Westeros works from people like Margaery and Cersei alongside others, she’s just not put them into practise yet.
Sophie Turner  (via until-the-next-time)